Loïc Maurel joins Diafir as Chairman of the board

Loïc Maurel is Medical Doctor and cumulates 30 years of senior management experience in tier-one pharmaceutical, biotech and Diagnostics companies.

As the CEO of the Diaxonhit Group (now Eurobio Scientific), Loïc inspired and led the transformation of a pure biotech company, into a full fledge commercial IVD company, following the acquisition of Ingen BioSciences and Eurobio.

He occupied several positions as, CEO of Debiovision Inc., Vice President , Marketing & Specialty Business at Novartis Canada after moving from Basel, Switzerland where he headed Global Marketing for Cardiovascular/Metabolism & Respiratory Therapeutic Division at Novartis Headquarters.

Dr. Maurel occupied several Chairman or Board member’s positions at, OncoMab™ GmbH, Avance Pharma and Trans Hit Biomarkers, the BioQuebec association, in Canada, as well as France Biotech, the IVD Medicen DAS, the Diagnostics Advisory Board of Debiopharm SA in Switzerland and the Health Expert Committee of M Capital in Paris

Press Release: DIAFIR announces the acceptance of an abstract at The Liver Meeting Digital Experience™ 2020 SYNOFRESH study validates Synofast score on SPID platform

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