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17 Aug

SYNOFRESH study validates Synofast score on SPID platform

Synofresh is a study performed from 2019 to 2021 within 6 French hospital (Rennes, Angers, Brest, Clermont-Ferrand, Nantes, Tours) and included 385 patients affected by severe arthritis. Performance of SYNOFAST score is consistent with initial findings on Synofast et DeFrost cohorts (https://doi.org/10.1093/rheumatology/keaa373), i.e. exclude non infected patients with a high level of confidence within 15 […]

30 Jan

Loïc Maurel joins Diafir as Chairman of the board

Loïc Maurel is Medical Doctor and cumulates 30 years of senior management experience in tier-one pharmaceutical, biotech and Diagnostics companies. As the CEO of the Diaxonhit Group (now Eurobio Scientific), Loïc inspired and led the transformation of a pure biotech company, into a full fledge commercial IVD company, following the acquisition of Ingen BioSciences and […]


DIAFIR has been incepted in 2011 by a world-renowned team of researchers from Rennes 1 University, France.

DIAFIR has developed the SPID™ platform, a breakthrough proprietary device for patient screening triage. SPID™ analyses the entire metabolic signature spectrum of patient’s blood serum, within minutes, using mid-infrared spectroscopy.

Thanks to its platform, DIAFIR aims to develop and bring to market its revolutionary serum test NASHMIR® for NASH detection.

Our goal is to help save lives through early detection while being minimally invasive to the patient.


  • DIAFIR’s vision is to become the standard of care in the way people are routinely checked for NASH (early detection).
  • DIAFIR’s method is easy to implement and at a low cost, currently targeting the obese patients as the first choice for NASH detection.
  • Our proprietary platform SPID™ can be applied on other types of diseases (as a start we are focused on NASH and infectious arthropathies).